Business Area

Connecting us and the world, HUTEN

Human Resources Business

Domestic business that extends across the world,
we go forward targeting local companies, providing professional and stable talents.


  • Signing Employee Contracts
  • Selecting Needed Members
  • Implementing Local Culture Training
  • Implementing Factory Training
  • Supporting Employee Welfare
  • Sustainable Management


  • STEP 01

    Analysis of human resources
    needs in the company
    to prepare a detailed job offer

  • STEP 02

    Distribution of job vacancies
    in communication
    channels with candidates

  • STEP 03


  • STEP 04

    Presentation of
    a selected group of

  • STEP 05

    Acceptance of candidates
    by the employer

  • STEP 06

    Purchase of
    tickets and insurance

  • STEP 07

    The process of legalizing
    the employee's work

  • STEP 08

    Transport of a candidate
    to the workplace

  • STEP 09

    Organization of
    employee accommodation

  • STEP 10

    Employee deployment
    to the company

  • STEP 11

    of HR services

  • STEP 12

    Payment of remuneration
    (through the Agency)


We help to find a temporary employee, performing seasonal work, supporting the team during periods of increased
production traffic or prolonged absences, as well as during organizational changes and restructuring of the company.

  • Employee


    Our employee knows that he is ambassador
    of HUTEN
    , so he wants to meet the expectations of
    the Polish employer and takes a responsible
    approach to the tasks entrusted to him.

  • Knowledge
    & Experience

    Knowledge & Experience

    We have a strong position behind the eastern border
    and many years of experience in the industry.
    We know the Manpower market perfectly,
    which allows us to accurately recruit.

  • Modernity


    We use modern recruitment tools,
    and we allow the future employer to
    interview with the potential candidate

  • Speed


    We are an agency in which there are no extensive
    corporate structures, thanks to 
    which we provide fast customer service.


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